Be a Contracted TShock Technician for Mobile Sculpt!


Contracting T-Shock Technicians.

Anna, owner of Mobile Sculpt, wants to hire contract T-Shock Technicians to sell and perform T-Shock treatments. Once the contract is signed, you will be trained to perform the treatments correctly. As a contract T-Shock technician you will be responsible in getting your own clients. Although, you will make 50% if the revenue. 50% will go the the business Mobile Sculpt which pays for business expenses and maintenance of the T-Shock machine. This is a great opportunity for someone who is already a licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Beauty Professional, or someone who has passion of the beauty and wellness industry and a lot of drive to get clients and make more money with a flexible schedule.

Currently Mobile Sculpt sells 1 TShock treatment for $250, a package of 8 sessions for $1,760 and then package of 16 sessions for $3120. Mobile Sculpt plans to increase the pricing in the future once the schedule has filled out more.

As a contracted T-Shock Technician you will receive 50% of the total that you sell. Think of it as a reservation deposit for the machine and the timeframe you will need the machine for your client. Therefore, if you sold 1 T-Shock you or client would book through Mobile Sculpt to reserve timeslot and pay $125 as deposit/reservation fee and then once client arrives for treatment then they will directly pay the other 50% $125. If you sold a 16 pack you would receive $1,560. You also can make you own hours. Mobile Sculpt just need those hours in 1-2 weeks advance to place on Mobile Sculpt website so clients could potentially book with you.

You would need to get your own liability insurance and keep update to date with any necessary licenses for example, Esthetician, Massage Therapy, and RN. As an independant contractor you will need to perform treatments out of your own office, home office, or in client's. You can set your own travel fee and will be paid directly from client to you and will keep 100% of the travel fee.

T-Shock technicians will be responsible in performing the procedure which is typically an hour long. Independant Contractors will be solely responsible of any damages done to the machine during your reserved time with machine.

About Pagani Cryo TShock: Advance European technology that provides non-invasive fat reduction and collagen production.

Main 2 settings of T-Shock Treatments:

T-Shock Cryoslimming

Freeze away and eliminate those stubborn fat pockets. On average a person will need 8-16 sessions to get desired results depending on the person's current size and metabolism. We will customize the treatment to the client's goals for each area of the body they want to work on.

Pagani T-Shock will use cold temperatures below -0 Celsius to freeze the fat cells and heat temperatures to break apart the dead frozen fats cells. Those particles will then be flushed out of the body by the Lymphatic System.

Treatment Areas: Under Chin, Stomach, Sides, Back, Legs, and Arms.

T-Shock Cryotoning

Skin tightening and lifting. On average a person will need 5-16 sessions in a cluster of every 2-3 days nonstop until client gets desired results depending on the person's current skin condition. We will customize the treatment to the client's goals for each area of the face and/or body part they want to work on.

T-Shock Specialist will customize this treatment to your desired goals whether it be to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, lift saggy jawline, stimulate tissue to rid crepey skin, rid rosacea or altogether maintain collagen production to stay young.

Treatment Areas: Face, Neck, Decolette, Under Chin, Stomach, Sides, Back, Legs, and Arms.

Contract T-Shock Technician should be:

Responsible and Dependable




Sales Skills

Self Driven to get own clientele

Loves Beauty and Wellness Industry

Provides Quality Customer Service

Certified in some type of touch certification whether that would Reiki certified, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Personal Training etc.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: Up to $125.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
T-Shock machine and common surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized between each use of clients.


If interested contact Anna @