The Difference Between Food and Nutrition

:If we stop a moment to consider how long women have been afflicted by this pathology and men by weight problems, we will immediately realize that it seems to be "evil" of our times! Focusing on food rather than nutrition has undoubtedly brought its share of damage.

Nursing oneself means introducing the right nutrients into the body (machine), which needs to various qualities of fresh, seasonal food (fuel) in order to stay in good health.

Feeding oneself means responding unconditionally to a hunger stimulus by grabbing anything edible, without stopping to think about the quality of the fuel we are introducing into our body-machine. Foods containing preservatives, ready-made food and and dustrial Lee produced food often enter homes, for a whole variety of reasons, becoming a bad habit. The habit of eating frequently and on the run, of skipping meals, in the lack of attention when choosing food has lead to new culture (a harmful culture) focused on feeding oneself, without, however, nourishing oneself. The results have been visible for decades in the Western world. Obesity is by know a pathology that also strikes children. This means there are widespread bad habits, though hopefully not irreversible.

A balanced, healthy diet (where diet means "nutrition" and not restriction! And which includes from 3 to 5 meals a day, of modest size and balanced and the choice and nutrients) will certainly bring invisible improvements. Weight loss often does not coincide with the disappearance, for good, of Panniculopathy, which requires attention from several points of view, which we shall Address and details below. Let's see and a few, simple points what it's a good idea to:

reduce (which does not mean a eliminate)

-the intake of fatty foods(cured meats and cheese in general)

-the intake of refined foods

-the intake of tinned and preserved foods

-the intake of sausages

-the intake of sugars (bread, Pasta and rice are like sugars for our body; moreover, being refined, they are very rapidly digested, so that the feeling of hunger comes back in a short time. They can be replaced with cereals or with wholemeal versions of the same foods)

-the consumption of red meat and dairy products (milk and milk derivatives, high-fat cheeses aged cheeses)

-the intake of salt (foods are already rich in it); let us remember that salt retains water and is thus an accomplice a fluid retention.

-the consumption of alcohol (a glass of wine at meals is permitted, however, as one is rich in flavonoids, and antioxidants capable of slowing down the formation of free radicals, which are the causes aging)

-the consumption of coffee, tea and stimulant substances


-the consumption of seasonal vegetable, raw and cooked (starting a meal with a nice mixed salad helps satiate the appetite and his written elements necessary for good health)

-the consumption of seasonal fruit between meals

-the introduction of whole grain cereal in place of pasta (barley, emmer, millet etc satiate hunger for a longer time and promote regular intestinal transit)

-the consumption of fish (anchovies, sardines and mackerel are excellent as they are rich and essential 3-omega fatty acids, which favor circulation and the a Illumination of toxins, reduction of swelling and improvement and cell structure)

-white meat in small cuts

-introduction of vegetable proteins in place of animal proteins (legumes, tofu, soybean, seitan etc)

-the use of uncooked oil in modest quantities

-drinking water

Following the above few suggestions and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle are excellent starting points for achieving big improvements as far as illuminating both cellulite and adipose panniculus is concerned. The support of regular physical activity and specific treatments carried out in beauty and wellness centres will undoubtedly enable a partial reduction and help prevent the formation of cellulite.


-follow a healthy, balanced diet; this change could lead to weight loss: take care not to let it happen quickly, as this could also cause a loss of muscle tissue and tone

-drink water during the day

-get a constant exercise, referring non-strenuous, but prolonged activities aimed at activating your metabolism, which means burning off fat

-do specific treatments and specialized facilities

-change your clothing and posture

-eliminate alcohol and reduce, if not give up, smoking

-avoid stress

 Article From Professional Guide to Recognising and Treating Cellulite by Sabrina Valvassori

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