Help From Nature

Irrespective of the stage of Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, there are naturally derived aids that can be relied on both for preventive purposes and at more advanced stages. These work on drainage and microcirculation.


During changes the season or when you feel your body particularly heavy, you can take - in cycles, never continuously - plant extracts that fever the illumination of excess fluid (2 or 3 Times a year are recommended, either when the seasons change for the body feels particularly heavy). The most common plants known for their help in eliminating fluids are: dandelion, pilosella, cherry, meadowsweet, Bermuda grass, elder extracts. 

They are generally available as drops, to be diluted in water depending on concentration. They can be taken in a single-dose (in a glass of water) or preferably diluted in 1.5 L of water to be drunk at different times of the day. The good habit of drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day Will remain even after you stop taking the drops what we remind you maybe taken in cycles but never continuously. 

 Blood Microcirculation 

Blood microcirculation, especially the closest to surface, represents one of the largest deficient in women. Periodically (in cycles, and not only with the advent of hot weather and summertime), you can exploit active ingredients extracted for plants which promote microcirculation, as well as providing relief from sensations of pain and heaviness, considerably enhance capillary elasticity and slow down the formation of edema, the first stage a cellulite. The most common plants with than ability increase the trophism of microcirculation are: Cypress, butcher's-broom, witch hazel, yellow sweet clover, Centella asiatica, Horse chestnut, ivy, dandelion, pilosella. A cyclical intake of drops or capsules husband of fact of improving the tone and elasticity of vein walls, reducing their porosity and consequently their water permeability. 

 Article From Professional Guide to Recognising and Treating Cellulite by Sabrina Valvassori

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