How Thermal Shock Can Help Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is thought to be a chronic-degenerative dysfunction of the connective tissues and forms in the dermis. The nourishment and well-being of the connective cells depend on a complex exchange of lipids and substances. This complex exchange does a number of things; brings oxygen and nourishment to the cells, cleans and removes waste that is discharged into the venous and lymphatic system.

Cellulite begins when there is a slowing down of the fluid exchange in the area, followed by an imbalance and hardening of the tissue. The imbalance to the equilibrium is between venous and lymphatic circulation (the permeability of arterial capillaries will increase and venous capillaries will reduce). As the condition of cellulite progresses through each stage, the issue of inflammation (water retention), and poor circulation in the connective tissue continues to worsen into the next stage of cellulite.

Next, you should consider how adipose tissue in the area is affected by this condition. The many different functions and processes which take place in the body are caused by chemical reactions occurring between hormones and receptors. These are carried around the body by the blood. The areas of the body which have hard adipose (fat) tissue, tend to have a poor blood supply. This means that the blood borne hormones which trigger lipolysis - the breakdown of fat - are actually unable to reach the fat cells and therefore, the fat cannot be broken down. It also means that mobilized fat can't get away from the fat cell to be burned elsewhere in the body. Think of this as a form of congestion that has developed slowing down the body's ability to do what it does best. Think of this as a form of congestion that has developed slowing down the body's ability to what it does best. The T-Shock cellulite treatments are multidimensional and can produce a low level fat reduction, reduce edema, increase circulation and improve the blood and fluid flow to the area. This happens in part because cryostimulation cools the surface of the skin very rapidly. The body reacts to this extreme cold by turning up its metabolic rate to produce heat. The blood vessels in the area widen, leading to an increase in blood flow, allowing the hormones in the blood to reach the fat cells and break down the fat. This also improves lymphatic drainage in the area. The T-Shock stimulates the connective and fatty tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. The thermal shock action delivered by the wand shocks the cells to stimulate natural fat release and firm skin to give it back its tonality and dimple-free aspect.



Article by Electronica Pagani Medical Devices


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