Benefits of Physical Activity

Engaging in physical activity is very important to build muscle tone and obtain the skin stretching effect and, therefore, to attenuate the typical skin imperfections caused by cellulite. 

Exercise should be done any gradual and measured manner, seeking to work above all the muscles in the area affected by cellulite. The advice of an instructor may be useful, especially in choosing which exercises without weights are the most effective or which equipment to use.

Passive Exercise

Some people are not accustomed to doing sports and have always had a sedentary lifestyle. In these cases it may be useful to do passive exercise, which consist in the application, on the parts of the body to be treated, of electrodes connected to an electric stimulator. This stimulation causes of the target muscles to contract involuntarily, thus facilitating the "squeezing" of blood and lymph vessels and improving tone in the area concerned. 

The medical community recognizes without a shadow of doubt that physical activity plays an important role in guaranteeing good health.

This is substantially due to the fact that a physically active lifestyle induces organic adaptations in modifications that have a positive impact on the functionality of the body's organs and systems.

 Article From Professional Guide to Recognising and Treating Cellulite by Sabrina Valvassori

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